Moses Lake Compliance Software


There is no denying the fact that fires can be devastating. For this reason, it is essential that all property owners have adequate fire protection measures in place. Previously, in the absence of a proper fire code compliance system, it was difficult to keep a track of properties that did not comply with the codes and regulations in the area.

Things are now in for a change. Tegris Inc. has introduced compliance software in Moses Lake, WA. The fire code compliance system introduced by the company is one of a kind and offers several features that make it very popular with fire authorities and residents alike.

Here are some of its essential features:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Easy access
  • No initial costs

With the help of the compliance software and the ITM compliance services, it is easy to follow the fire code compliance system in Moses Lake. Fire authorities can also easily keep track of all the properties that are not following the codes.

Moses Lake Fire Code Compliance System


It is important for all property owners to follow the fire code compliance system for their safety and that of others. However, many of these owners, knowingly or unknowingly, tend to postpone or delay this important aspect.

Trust our fire code compliance system in Moses Lake as it has been successfully used by other jurisdictions and has been found very effective. It has now become easier to pinpoint property owners that have old and outdated fire protection systems.

Our compliance software has been designed and developed by the following:

  • Property managers
  • Software experts
  • Former fire marshals

The purpose of urging everyone to use the compliance software and ITM compliance services is to ensure that all follow the fire regulations and codes to the fullest.

Moses Lake ITM Compliance Services


Keeping tabs on all property owners regarding the following of the fire codes is not an easy task. Fire authorities using the compliance software and ITM compliance services can easily identify the businesses that are in default.

With the help of the ITM compliance services, Moses Lake residents can achieve the following:

  • Find the concerned fire authority
  • Get updates and reminders for the fire safety systems
  • Update their information

You can rest assured regarding the privacy of your data while using the ITM compliance services. Our software is completely secure and does not breach on any aspect. Feel free to call Tegris Inc. at (866) 720-3794 to learn more about the compliance software in Moses Lake.