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Since 1966, Robert Moren has been designing fire sprinkler systems. Robert started Tegris in 1981. Andrew Moren, Robert’s son, joined Tegris in 1991.

In 2004, Robert and Andrew were testing a fire hydrant to collect fire hydrant flow data for designing the fire sprinkler system in the nearby building. The fire hydrant was in extremely poor condition. Over the next couple years, Robert and Andrew developed novel ways to allow authorities, asset owners, and professional inspectors to collaborate on a collective database for improving communication in the fire and life safety industry.

Robert and Andrew started to create a unique system that moved fire safety inspection reports between stakeholders at the right times and with the specific information needed to ensure the asset was properly managed.

Andrew and Robert researched the patentability of the method and began the patent process in 2007 when they filed an application for a utility patent. They also began building the software-as-a-service online platform that embodied the novel method and focused Tegris as a business to provide this new service to the fire and life safety industry. Their patent application issued as the ‘966 Patent on September 21, 2021.

In addition to securing patent protection over its systems, Tegris copyrighted the software program and its marketing material including white papers, podcasts, user guides, and more. Tegris has multiple U.S. Copyright Registrations related to its Tegris Fire software and systems.

Tegris created many useful features for its stakeholders and invested significant resources teaching the fire inspection industry the benefits of this new system. This new system comprised a novel paradigm shift in solving issues with inspection compliance, deficient systems, and protection certified work for inspectors.

Today we are excited to be the only current licensed provider of the ‘966 Patent: Systems and methods for a Web Based Inspection Compliance Registry and Communication Tool. Please contact us today so we can schedule your jurisdiction with our innovative and licensed compliance tool.