Case Study

Tegris Inc is an independent corporation established in 1981 with a focus on developing solutions for improving fire and life safety. Since 2006, we’ve been developing our flagship product, the TEGRIS Fire™ platform to help cities improve compliance for required inspection and repairs on fire protection systems. This patented model is the only one of its kind in the world and has been producing very positive and measurable results in every one of our partner cities. The program uniquely collaborates with the local stakeholders to continuously update and grow public records without depending on departmental time and resources. The inspection service providers who elect to work in our partner cities are self-ensuring that 100% of the businesses are getting their inspections done on time. Tegris helps enforce the laws already in place that support an entire industry dedicated to public safety.

Tegris is comprised of national fire prevention advocates who have been contributing to the industry for decades as fire marshals, contractors, property owners, and national organizations. Our vision is to achieve 100% ITM nationwide compliance through education & training, collaboration, and self sustaining tools and standards.

The Tegris Standard defines a simple method for submitting inspection reports to one location in a timely manner with complete and legible information. This standard enables the fire department to quickly process reports and spend time enforcing on overdue and broken systems. TEGRIS Fire™ is a secure online program that helps enforce the Tegris Standard by collecting, evaluating, and sorting the standard reports. It’s also an tool that automates notification to properties that are overdue for inspection or repairs. Stakeholders are required to update their information through the secure online program and are offered valuable free services to encourage their collaboration.

Every single Authority that has chosen to use TEGRIS Fire™ has seen staggering results. In an effort to help improve awareness, we have completed case studies for two of the early adopters of the program. Please click on the links below to access the information.

Lynnwood Washington

Richland Washington