Tegris Can Help Property Owners With Fire Safety Reports

  • See the status of your fire and life safety systems online anywhere, anytime.
  • Receive email reminders for your inspections, testing, and maintenance that are sent to you and/or your property manager(s).
  • Privately, and securely, manage all your fire safety system data in your free account.
  • Search for inspection contractors in your area for your specific systems.
  • Get help preparing a bid request for your upcoming inspection.
  • Track all activities, events, and page views in your online Property Journal
  • Communicate with your fire marshal and inspectors
  • To create an account in TEGRIS Fire™ please see the Quick Start Guide for property owners/managers.

How Do I Update My Property Information?

You may wish to update your property information in the fire marshal's database. To do so, please obtain your Property Access Code from the top right corner of the reminder notice you received from the fire marshal.

Then, go to this link and enter the access code to update your information. If you do not have a property access code, please submit a support request to have one issued to you.

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