Who We Are

The Tegris team is comprised of fire prevention experts and advocates with a lifetime of experience as ITM service providers, fire protection system designers, industry organizers, world class platform development and hosting providers, and fortune 50 IT executives. Our team members have engineered, installed, and serviced ten’s of thousands of fire protection systems, have contributed to the development of NFPA-25 for ITM, built and maintained data centers and call centers, and streamlined IT processes for companies like AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Microsoft.

Proven History. Here's a real example: In Lynnwood, WA the fire marshal used Tegris to improve compliance from 32% up to 70% in the first year alone.


Tegris strives to provide the support our customers need, and to do so quickly. There are no maintenance fees or additional costs to obtain support from Tegris.


Do you want to use your own inspection report? No problem. We accept reports from anywhere. Just attach a PDF of your report to our form OR use our report if you’d like.

As the fire authority, it is your responsibility to maintain a standard for fire protection in your jurisdiction.

You need a partner who can legally provide 3rd party ITM compliance services.

Others have tried to copy portions of our Patented program, but have failed in driving compliance because the model involves not only the receiving of reports, but up to the minute notification and tracking of compliant and non-compliant properties.

If you’re a fire code official considering partnering with Tegris.

Tegris is going to do most of the heavy lifting. But enforcing a new submission standard requires a strong authority. To achieve high compliance ratings in the first year means you’re going to have to stand strong in the midst of those resistant to change.

The easy answer is to call us.

If you're an authority and are interested in starting Tegris in your jurisdiction, there are some things you need to do to prepare, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

The unique solution is our tool that drives collaboration between all parties to achieve 100% compliance. Web services are a powerful tool. Many industries like the fire safety system ITM industry don’t have services tailored to their needs. TEGRIS Fire™ is the first system that utilizes the power of the web to automate ITM workflow.

No. Tegris does not do any inspection or repair work. Nor do we recommend anyone. When asked by a property owner on whom to use, we guide them to check their existing tags or paperwork first. Otherwise they should research the phone book or look online including at Tegris Fire where they can see a list of participating contractors in their area for their types of systems.

No.We’re advocates who believe that 100% compliance will create jobs, maximize fire and life safety, and reduce fire insurance premiums. Our system collects a user fee to continuously pursue that goal. We partner with fire marshals and cities to help them drive enforcement and manage their ITM process to complete compliance.

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