Why Choose Us for 3rd Party ITM Compliance Services?

  • Patent Pending: We invented the concept for 3rd party ITM compliance in the fire and life safety industry, and our model is patent pending. You need a partner who can legally provide 3rd party ITM compliance services.
  • Experience: Building an ITM compliance engine is complex. Organizing a region's stakeholders takes a proven and reliable system, an experienced team, and hard work. We’re not new at this. Our team of experts is comprised of former fire marshals, service providers, property owners, industry organization representatives, software developers, and Fortune 50 leaders, all with a passion for ITM compliance.
  • Success: We don’t just predict success, we've been delivering it. While others will try and sell you a concept, Tegris has been using our working model to provide successful results.
  • No Cost Services: We offer a substantial amount of free services in TEGRIS Fire™. No sign up costs. No annual maintenance costs. No support or training costs. The only time a cost is incurred is when a service provider submits a report to the AHJ. Everything else is free.
    • No cost to AHJs
    • Service Providers can collect and save reports from any web enabled mobile devices for free
    • Print off saved reports for free
    • And many other valuable services such as scheduling, journaling, payment confirmation, advertising, and bidding services. Some of our users have called it their "business in a box".
  • Compatibility: Do you want to use your own inspection report? No problem. We accept reports from anywhere. Just attach a PDF of your report to our form OR use our report if you’d like. (*AHJ’s reserve the right to limit this feature in their jurisdiction.)