How Does Tegris Fire Help With Your Fire Safety Documents

Sales Support – Tegris will produce more work for you than your top salesman.

  • Your phones will start ringing when the fire marshal is enforcing 100% of the properties in their jurisdiction.
  • More repair work – deficiencies will no longer sit unaddressed in an untouched pile of reports on a fire marshals desk.
  • Receive bid opportunities for your inspection work.

Improved Workflow – Tegris gets you through the whole inspection process quicker.

  • Input and Submit reports from any web-enabled device
  • Contact information and previous inspection results are used to assist subsequent reports
  • Many of the jurisdictions throughout your region will accept the same style reports

38%+ Cost Savings – Service providers report that by using Tegris they are saving a lot of money.

  • Service Providers using Tegris report that they save 38% off the cost of an inspection.

Organization and Storage – Let Tegris be your online file cabinet

  • View, search, and organize all your inspections and notes online.
  • Access your secure information from anywhere
  • Print and export all the data you’ve entered at any time.

Legal prevention – Tegris helps service providers mitigate their risks.

  • The records will show that you thoroughly communicated the system status to the property owner and fire marshal.
  • Optionally add private or public notes to a property
  • Fire marshal reminders to property owners that their property is their responsibility (not the service provider).
  • Secure and backed up data

Customer Relationship Tools – Tegris works hard to keep your customers connected to you.

    • Your ‘ONLINE TAG’ - Be listed as the system’s “previous inspector” in fire marshal notification letters.
    • Get email reminders of upcoming inspections
    • Schedule appointments
    • Automates appointment reminders to you and your customer

Payment Protection – Inspections aren’t final until you confirm you’ve been paid.

    • This optional feature allows property owners to view and print inspection reports that are marked with a “NOT FINAL” watermark until you confirm they’ve paid for the inspection.