Burien Fire Compliance Reporting


Ensuring strict fire compliance reporting in Burien, WA area properties is the critical responsibility of the regional fire prevention authority. The fire chiefs have to ensure total fire and safety enforcement after comprehensive fire system inspections. The sheer number of properties to be inspected makes Burien fire compliance reporting a tough job.

Thankfully, Tegris, Inc. has made things easier by creating a pioneering fire inspection software and Burien fire compliance reporting solution. Authorities can automate the entire process through our innovative Burien fire compliance reporting system. Tracking fire inspection bids, updating fire compliance status of properties and much more can be done with our:

  • 3rd party ITM reporting platform
  • Fire code compliance system
  • ITM compliance collaboration engine
  • Fire code compliance platform

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Burien Fire and Safety Enforcement


Check out our Burien fire and safety enforcement program today if you are a fire authority interested in saving time and labor while increasing your efficiency.

Our software also helps you reduce Burien fire and safety enforcement costs. You can enjoy the benefits of faster, simplified and more stringent Burien fire and safety enforcement offered by our software free! Everything is free including maintenance costs and sign up fees. Fees occur when a service provider submits report to AHJ.

All those who have adopted our Burien fire and safety enforcement program have reported quick, substantial improvements in their performance. You too are sure to benefit a lot from our intuitive, easy-to-use, secure and reliable:

  • Fire code compliance software
  • Fire safety enforcement solution
  • ITM compliance program
  • Fire code enforcement program

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Burien Fire Inspection Software


Are you wondering what you can do with our free Burien fire inspection software? Let us assure you that our unique, powerful, web-based solution automates the ITM workflow to make your job less strenuous and time-consuming.

Among the many things that are accomplished with our fire inspection software around Burien is better communication with AHJ, fire marshals and property owners. Our Burien fire inspection software also allows access to inspection data anytime, from anywhere. Submitting and updating reports remotely is also possible with our:

  • Fire inspection reporting software
  • Fire safety inspection software
  • Fire protection inspection software
  • Fire code inspection software

Our Burien fire inspection software and fire compliance reporting system even help minimize errors in your work.

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