Lynnwood Washington Case Study

In September 2010, the City of Lynnwood, in Washington State, started the Tegris program to improve the compliance of inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of the fire and life safety systems in their jurisdiction. Prior to Tegris the city had no specific oversight of the industry’s ITM activity other than any site visits that the fire inspector or fire fighter staff was able to perform. One year later the department has been experiencing drastic improvements and has accomplished incredible results.

  • Lynnwood's compliance has more than doubled to 68.96%
  • Nearly 20% of unrecorded systems have been discovered
  • The inspection work has increased 250%
  • The number of deficient systems has been tracked and decreased to less than 3%
  • The Fire Department is communicating with every stakeholder at least once per year

Lynnwood accomplished this with no additional resources and for absolutely no cost to the city.

As Lynnwood enters its second year of the program the improvements continue to grow. Lynnwood was the first city in the region (and in the country) to adopt a 3rd party ITM compliance program and therefore had to support a larger ‘learning curve’ for property owners and service companies. Despite the extra effort involved with being ‘the first’, the city has begun to prove the success of this fire prevention program.

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